PawFest 2013 Tickets

 By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

Tickets avaliable at the gate.

Any tickets purchased online from Saturday 31st August will be available to collect on the front gate.

Please print off a receipt to show as proof of purchase.

Tickets may also be purchased, at the gate for £25.00.

We may occaionally send you informaion about PawFest via email. If you do not wish to receive these emails, please send a message via the contact us page.

Terms & Conditions

1.  No food or alcohol to be brought into the site (Except for baby food not in a

     glass container).

2.  Open containers of soft drink may be tested for alcohol and if alcohol is found

     the container will be confiscated.

3.  We reserve the right to search bags/coats etc. for alcohol, weapons or illegal

     drugs, which if found will be confiscated and you may be refused entry.

4.  Anyone aged 18 to 25 (or lucky enough to look that age) must be prepared to

     show one of the following photo IDs if they wish to buy alcohol:- Driving

     Licence, Passport or any card that has the PASS (Proof of Age Standards 

     Scheme) logo.

5.  Anyone found to be purchasing alcohol for someone under the age of 18, may

     be asked to leave the site.

6.  No glass, bottles or otherwise, to be brought onto the site.

7.  Anyone who is seen to be drunk or acting violently will be asked to leave the


8.  No animals allowed on site, except for guide or assistance dogs and for safety

     reasons, please do notleave any animals in  your vehicle.

9.  Vehicles are parked at owners' own risk.

10. No fires allowed on site or in the car park.

11. No camping or leaving vehicles overnight.

12. Please respect our town and neighbours; put your litter in the bins provided

      and leave the site quietly.

13. If the age component of the ticket has been tampered with, entry may be